Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Possible STDs on my pubic hair?


Hi, I'm a 23 year old male and a few days ago I lost my virginity to someone who has had only sex once before me. After we had sex (which was without a condom), about 24-36 hours later, I started to get small pimples on my pubic hair, about two inches from my penis. Like an idiot, I picked at them and I think I made them worse. At first I thought they were just normal pimples and possibly an allergic reaction because I started using a different soap, but after looking up pictures of STDs on pubic hair, I'm not so sure. The area is red and slightly sore and itchy, but that might be just because I kept picking at them and squeezing them.

Please go to a doctor as soon as possible. With the scenario you described, you could have a sexually transmitted disease. Even if you used a condom, there is still a chance of an STD. No birth control method is 100% safe in preventing STDs or pregnancy. So anyway, I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures so you must go to your physician or a clinic and get an exam and diagnosis. Good luck. And refrain from sex to prevent these kinds of problems in the future.

Diane W.

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