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I am 37, I had an X who had genital warts now 6 months after we broke up I got them, although I told my doctor and asked him if I should get vaccine and he did not recommend it he said if I didnít see them perhaps I didnít get the virus.. I did a pap smear and now waiting for the results. He gave me a cream called Wartec which I use on the warts three days per week for 4 weeks; I have finished my first week now. I am asking here because I have asked my doctor and read on the net but donít feel anyone knows much about HPV. So below are my questions if you can answer them I would really be grateful:
1-   Should I throw all my underwear and towels after the GW clear?
2-   Should I cover the warts (there are only 3 now) like with band aid so that they donít spread?
3-   Should I get the vaccine what protection will it give me in the future?
4-   What should my Boyfriend do? Does it help for him to get the vaccine?
5-   What about sex? I am not having any sex with my BF I am worried about him getting the HPV and warts.
6-   If my tests comes back with low risk HPV i.e. negative is there a permanent cure so that I never get warts?
7-   Does the HPV virus go away ever, or will I keep carrying it and giving it to others unless I have protected sex (condoms)??
8-What about cancer here what are the risks?And what do I do ?
This is a great nightmare to me it is starting me to think I never want to get married I just want to die Ö Please I want to know the truth about this thing. The whole truth.

Siba, I am not a medical doctor but I have studied somewhat on these subjects. You can also go on the internet and do a search to learn more about your questions. I would recommend that you go to another doctor if you do not trust your doctor now. Let me know what your tests say.

1. I would not say that you would have to throw your clothes out. Make sure you wash thoroughly. If it makes you feel better, you could throw the clothes out but I don't think is necessary. Can you bleach the clothes?

2. I don't think it would hurt to cover the warts.

3. I'm not sure about the vaccine so I don't want to answer that question.

4.Are you saying that you have a new boyfriend and you are NOT having sex?

5. same

6. don't know I would have to study this subject.

7. I don't think it can ever go away. Condoms cannot protect 100%.

8. I would have to study this.

I have heard of a woman who had herpes. She told her boyfriend and they did get married. There wasn't much of a problem. I think he got a mild case but it wasn't severe and he was able to cope with it because he loved her. I'm sure there are other stories like this. Please email me at and we can talk more. Please write soon.

Diane W.

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