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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Do I have HIV/acute retroviral syndrome ?


I'm a soldier in the military and I had sex with a guy on Jan 02 2013. Te guy said he was cleaned and I was supper horny so had unprotected sex. A few days later I started feeling sick. MY throat starting hunting a few days later and I seemed to had developed thrush. I went to any army doctor who's asked about my sex life and told me that I was showing signs of HIV a few weeks later but I ha done the Orquick test sometime in Jan and I had a negative result. The army doc made do an Hub feb. and that test has came back negative also. I've since dont a few more or quick test and they have all came  back negative even up until 1week ago. The doc treated me for the thrush and I've noticed that I've seem to have developed pharyngitis. I don't have any swollen lymph nodes anywhere on my body. I seem be getting these ulcers on my tongue. Can someone help me with some answers of what my condition might be. I've had sex with my wife a few times since the encounter  but have told her anything and now I'm freaking out. Please send some feedback.

First of all, you should not be having sex with your wife. This can put her in much danger. Keep going to the doctor but if you are not sure this doctor is accurate, go to another doctor and get a 2nd diagnosis. Please never have sex outside of marriage to prevent these terrible problems.
Good luck. Would you like me to pray for you? You can email me at

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