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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Am I worrying about nothing or have I got something?


Penis head
Penis head  
Im 21 and I lost my virginity to my girlfriend a week ago now. Prior to that, the week before we dry humped unclothed and clothed. And that is all my sexual history.
Anyway last week when I had sex (unprotected) we started of dry humping before deciding to take it further, again clothed and unclothed. The next day my penis was sore and I had a little red 'rub' mark on the underside near the frenulum. I left it a couple of days thinking this will be from the friction of dry humping and the mark cleared up completely which made me believe that was the case.

Anyway now I just can't help but worry that I may have something, there isn't any particular reasons i.e itching, burning or discharge or anything along those lines, it's just me over thinking things and worrying about that I was unprotected. Only thing I can think of is that the my penis gets smelly rather quickly if I miss a day washing under there, and that the head is a slightly red in colour but this was the case for as long as I can remember and I never really noticed it until I was looking for problems. Now searching on the net I'm beginning to think I may have this and that (I tend to do that a lot) but at the most I think/hope I may have a fungal infection

I'm planning on going to my GP for a general once over with everything especially after having pericarditis a few weeks back and still a few chest pains now and then so I will get him to give me a once over down there too whilst I'm there. But due to certain life circumstances I won't be able to for a couple of weeks.

Im hoping that you could help out by giving the picture a quick look and see if there is anything you can see straight off that may be of concern (and that should stop me from having sex) or if it's all in my head and me thinking I have a problem when I don't.

I will be asking my girlfriend to get checked out before I next have unprotected sex with her just to set my mind at ease


James, I cannot diagnose from looking at a picture or over the internet. I would recommend that you not have sex. I don't recommend ever having sex before marriage. I hope you can get to your doctor soon so you can have a checkup and diagnosis. Please let me know what happens. Good luck.

Diane W.

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