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Original symptoms
Original symptoms  

April 9th
April 9th  
Today is April 9th. Last time I had sexual intercourse, which I used a condom as always, was the first week of February (perhaps around the 6th). The girl I was with the first of February, I have been with on several other occasions prior to the last time I mentioned.
The first week of March (I believe Friday March 1st) I noticed what appeared to be an ingrown hair on the shaft of my penis. I had recently shaved a few days prior. Well, I took some tweezers and plucked the hair and at the root end of the hair I could faintly see some yellowish, pus-like stuff. Obviously, the plucking of the hair left a very small open 'wound'. I thought nothing of it and went about my life. I am a very physically active person; sports, exercise and so on. The day I plucked the hair I played basketball and exercised. The day after plucking the hair I played basketball and exercised. The day after that I played basketball and exercised. A couple of days after plucking the hair there was some tenderness and redness in the area that the infected hair had been in. Well, around Wednesday March 6th while using the restroom I noticed some small blister like sores in the area the infected hair was.
At this point I was definitely concerned, but didn't think just too much of it. Over the next day or so, the 'blisters' seemed to spread slightly up my shaft (perhaps 1/4" or 1/2"). There was general redness. There was also redness and irritation at the bottom of the shaft, perhaps just under where the original infected hair was located. These symptoms last for a little over 2 weeks and then began to slowly diminish. The last week of March, around the 28th perhaps, the symptoms had nearly completely faded, with just some light markings on the skin remaining.
Well, I wake up April 2nd with another case of these symptoms. This time slightly less severe and covering less space. This time though the symptoms(what appeared to be small blisters and very slight redness) are just to the left of the original infected hair. There was no real pain or discomfort, but just to be cautious I placed a band aid over the area.
On April 7th, The second batch of symptoms are nearly cleared up and are barely visible. However, while tending to and inspecting the area, I noticed what appeared to be yet another batch of these symptoms beginning to appear just to the right of the original infected hair (near the underside of my shaft).
So I am basically just completely confused and concerned at this point.
Herpes, Folliculitis, yeast infection, bacterial infection, what?
I have been on the internet pretty much ever since looking at info. The whole situation doesn't seem too consistent with herpes. And then I keep thinking of the infected hair and maybe some form of infection from that. Especially since I am physically active and sweat a lot. I mean, I've never had any problems prior to that incident and it just lingers in my mind as perhaps being some kind of culprit.
I also should mention I have psoriasis and possibly eczema, though not particularly bad cases of either. Mainly just psoriasis on the knees and elbows. And either eczema or psoriasis on the nose and earlobes, these two locations are mainly just redness and dryness which leads me to believe eczema.
Anyways, I appreciate you guys reading this and any help or opinion you can supply me with. I have tried to be as concise as possible with the information but of course if you have any questions about further info please ask. I'll try to be as detailed as possible. Again, thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Bryan, It would be necessary to go to your doctor and have an exam. I cannot diagnose from pictures or over the internet. I understand that you didn't have sex between the times that you mentioned? Please let me know what happens. Getting an exam will give you peace of mind and hopefully, treatment. Good luck.
I always recommend not having sex if you are not married to avoid stds or pregnancy problems. Condoms or any other kind of birth control method is not 100% safe in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. So there is really no such thing as "protected" sex.

Diane W.

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