Sexually Transmitted Diseases/genital warts or vestibular papilae?


Hi, doc. I'm Ana. I hope you can answer these questions because I've been freaking out for weeks now.

Recently, I've been feeling a few pain down there, more like a sting and I found out many little soft pinkish skin-tag-like growths directly around the vaginal entrance.

There was one quite swollen, a little light in colour, almost white. I touched it and felt the pain. It's only painful at that one part. The others, if I don't pull them or touch them roughly, they don't hurt at all.

I looked up in the internet and found out about vestibular papilae. It looks kind of like that. Finger like projection or a small tear drop at the end. But I'm still not sure about and it's getting me depressed and I need an expert's opinion.

So, what is it? Genital warts or vestibular papilae? How can I get rid of it? If it's vestibular papilae, can it cause pain or get swollen or increase in number? Can it ever go away?

I wish I could give you a photo of it but my phone camera's not that good and I'm not really comfortable with showing it.

I hope you'll answer it because I really need to know and want to have a good night sleep without worrying. Thanks a lot doc.

P.S : I'm a virgin. Never had any sexual contact or involved in any sexual relationship.

Hi Ana, I'm glad to hear that you are a virgin. I really think you should go to your doctor. I don't know how old you are but if you are young, you can ask your mom to take you. I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. You really need to find out what is the problem and get a cure if possible. So let me me know what happens. Write me at

Diane W.

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