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Hi I'm a 28 year old male
I recently started having genital issues and recently went to both my family dr and a urologist. My urologist has told me that I might have prostatitus and prescribed me some medication which helped with the discomfort I was having. Now mind you I haven't had sex since late December 2012 and no sexual contact since about the same time.

Now I'm finished with one of the meds I was prescribed and still working on another, now one day ago I noticed a small red patch on my shaft on the topside before the head, it doesn't itch nor is there any pain with it, but it's just weird that it randomly popped up. Now I did go hiking the same day and was wearing jeans boots and a camo shirt that was tucked in, the area I was hiking had had rain recently so the muddy ground was still wet and it was about 79 degrees outsides so humidity was real high.

Could this just be dry skin or could it be something more?

C King

I found your question in the question pool at so not sure who you were directing the question to. I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. So I can't tell you if it might be dry skin. STDs can show up later but I can't tell you for sure. Perhaps you should see your doctor again and find out what is going on. Good luck.

Diane W.

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