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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/itchy bumps on the head and testicles of.penis


red spot itchy
red spot itchy  

pics too
pics too  
Hi i already go to urologist and dermatologist
The uro said its only allergy and its not herpes
I go to dermatologist shes a female thats why im shy to show my penis but i dont have choice. She said its only a folliculitis but my problem is its really itchy . He gave me cream it gone and get dry but it comes back again and more itchy its not painful but its really itchy. Can i have some oral meds instead of cream? Or injectible so can easily heal? What is this pls help. By the way everutime i drink beer some of my hands theres a fluid spot and itchy and im always mastrb8 everynight. Everytime i mastrb8 sometimes it gets itchy too

Dale, I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures. If you want, you can get a second opinion with another doctor. I can't recommend treatment. I would discourage masturbation in case it is aggravating your condition. Good luck and abstain from sex if you are sexually active and not married. Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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