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Penis gland
Penis gland  
Ok about a month ago i noticed a small circle like dot on my penis head. It was red-ish. At first I didnt think anything of it because the night before i kinda hit my penis with hot water by accudent while getting in the shower...really hot. So i thought that that was it.

The dot started fading but then just came back. At random points of the day it can look redder and more spread out. And now today another dot appeared.

For th most part the dots look like a darker color of my penis gland.

When i strethed the penis head to take a closer look it reminds me of the way your eyes look when you havent slept well( you see small red vessels).

Josh, You should go to your doctor and get a checkup if you haven't already. If you have had sex, then you could have a sexually transmitted disease. If not, then it has to be something else. Please don't hesitate to get an exam and treatment. Good luck. If you have had sex, I would recommend not having sex if you're not married. This prevents lots of problems.

Diane W.

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