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glans dots
glans dots  
Dear DW,

I am writing because i have this strange dots on my glans. I have consulted a dermatologist and she diagnosed me with balinitis. I received a cream and was instructed to apply for 10 days. Now these dots did not disappear, instead they got bigger, maybe because of both unprotected sex and masturbation. Now I am really concerned as I was expecting to be sound in no time.

P.S.: i don't know if it's relevant, but 6 months ago I was infected with HPV. I mainly had warts on the foreskin. Just thought that maybe this is also worth mentioning.

I can't really diagnose over the internet or by pictures. If your doctor diagnosed you and gave you a cream, perhaps you were supposed to abstain from sex. Why don't you consider this in your life? I always recommend waiting until marriage to have sex to prevent lots of problems such as stds or pregnancy. Please let me know how you are doing now.

Diane W.

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