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My husband had a penile wart removed that tested to be "condyloma acuminatum, microscopic: epidermis shows acanthosis, papillomatosis, and koilocytosis. No atypia is seen."  The wart was halfway up the shaft, and it was surgically removed, with two sutures given.  Is it ok to have intercourse after the sutures are removed as long as he uses a condom until completely healed without soreness?

He had a similar single wart removed 30 years ago with the MD using one-time topical medication to treat it.  He has not had a test (or wart)since then, but I understand HPV can come back after years.  Even 30 years? I concidentally had a pap last week and it showed I have no HPV, though I had it 35 years ago and got cervical dysplasia that was treated with cryosurgery.  I have not tested positive since then.

Thanks for your time.

Dear Ellen, I found your question in the question pool at
So I don't know who you asked the question to originally. I just found this question so realize there has been a delay.

I am not a doctor so I am not able to translate the testing information. I'm sure your doctor gave you information about your situation. Please talk to your doctor about all the questions you might have.

Diane W.

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