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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/I think i have genital herpes.. But im not sure


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Another of the bumps
Another of the bumps  
A few weeks ago i had a coldsore
Ive been having oral sex with my girlfriend
Learned the hardway that it i gave her genital herpes
We have had sex a couple of time while she had it
We normally dont use condoms but since this we have and ive even worn a plastic shopping bag around my penis so that non of our skin actually touches at all
I have checked and been scared that i have contracted it but it was false
A few days ago after her blisters are all gone but except one on the side of her vagina/the lips
We foolishly decided to have sex but just with a condom
After maybe 10 minutes or so i finally obtained the real balls to tell her i think we should still wear a bag over and so we did
Its stupid because we already have been touching and its the right side of the shaft of my penis that i examined which i assumed her blister had been touching
And i was horrified to have seen some bumps
I have read right after i noticed these bumps that genital herpes can appear in a matter of a few hours
We relaxed the night
And this morning i checked and maybe its just me being paranoid, but i think it may have gotten a slight bit worse
Ive been looking around all day online to check if i can find the answers but i cant
Everyone else has a different thing
I read across pearly penial papules which are on the rim of the head of the penis
I do have those fordyce spots
But those are on the skin of the testes
I do see some around the shaft and the base of my penis but these other bumps appear to be actually bumps i can feel even more
They do not burn irritate or sting
I am getting a bit worried that maybe im just thinking its the little stubs of hair right at the base of the shaft
I often shave and i shave upwards as well to get a smoother feel
While it does grow back it itches like a bitch
And i do get tiny red bumps where hair grows
Now the bumps im talking about
I dont shave right there as there is no hair there
This makes me very concerned
I cant go to a doctor im 17 years old and am desperate for the answers
Please help and answer this..

I just got your question in the question pool at

I cannot diagnose over the internet. Do you not have a clinic you can go to in your area? Are you saying that you can't go to a doctor because you are too young or have to have a parent's permission? Just my opinion but usually a sexually transmitted disease is itchy or red or pain. Are you saying that you gave your girlfriend herpes? If you did, then you would have had to get it from someone else earlier in your life. Explain more and write back.Oh, and a condom or plastic bag will probably not help for transmission. I would recommend not having sex with her. I always recommend marriage, not having sex when you are not married. If you make the committment of marriage, you would have to decide before if you want to have the disease the rest of your life.

Diane W.

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