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Hello, I developed some small bumps about a month back. Initially i ignored it thinking it could be some kind of pimples. They do not feel itchy. They look like pimples but they haven't popped. I tried to pop it once but it started bleeding. I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year and neither of us have had any other sexual partners other than eachother for that time. I'm worried its an STD but i don't know how thats possible. Look forward to hear from you soon.

If either of you had sex before you got together, it can be an STD and just showing up now. Don't ever pop any pimples you imght get. Did she have any symptoms? I would recommend you not having sex unless married-I always advise that. It could possibly be some kind of infection. You will have to go to your doctor and get an exam and diagnosis. Let me know what happens and please refrain from sex.

Diane W.

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