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I've had a sexual encounter with a prostitute before around 20 days. I was wearing a condom while I was having virginal sex with her but then I received oral sex from her which lasted at least 15 minutes. I wasn't wearing a condom during that part as I was stupid enough to take my friends advice that oral sex can transmit STDs

few days afterwards my penis was itchy and penis head was having a very thin layer of white dust kind of thing it didn't smell bad and went away easily when washed. I assumed that was an yest infection

After a weeks or so I felt a mild pain while urinating and everything else was normal. also few days later it felt quite painful when trying to open the penis head but i though it was due to a bruise that occurred when scratching the penis

today I noticed a bright red patch on penis head with out any smell, pain or itching, The patch isn't elevated and don't have any edges, its  less than half a inch wide. don't have any distinctive borders. its noticeable because of its color different which is quite brighter and reddish than rest of the penis head. Apart from that I've been feeling slightly unwell and muscle fatigued mostly on my arms (might be due to over training but usually don't last after 5 days)

I have pictures taken but not sure I'm allowed to uploads them.. I will upload them if I get permission.. It would be really greatfull if you can help me on this. I'm going to get engaged and willing to have very truthful relationship (I had sex before i met her)with my lovely partner. Last thing I want to do is put innocent naive girl in situation where she has to deal with a man with STD.

You must go to a doctor or clinic and have a checkup. You are right that it wouldn't be fair to put a girl at risk. I wish you had thought about that before you had the sexual encounter. I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures so you must get an actual checkup in person. Good luck and please refrain from having any kind of sex before marriage. Or when you are married. Be of good moral character and tell the truth and be faithful when you get married. Let me know what happens. Good luck.

Diane W.

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