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red/white dots
red/white dots  
Hello Doc,I'm 18 years old my name is Brian and I am extremely concerned about this. Yesterday I decided to kill some time masturbating a bit. After that I noticed these red spots,today I woke up and saw that now they are kind of white. I've had sex,but my girl and I were virgins and she the only girl I've had sex with so I'm thinking its not an STD but I'm still worried. I feel desperate and I don't want my girl to see them and freak out. Please help me!
I'd appreciate the help doc

I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. I found your question in the question pool at
So I'm not sure who you asked the question to, but I am answering.

If your girlfriend and you were really virgins, then there should be no chance of STDs. So go to your doctor or clinic and get an exam so you can find out what is the problem. Good luck and I would recommend not having sex until you are married, for emotional wellness and preventing pregnancy problems.

Diane W.

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