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I have two events that could explain my situation.  

Event 1...I had sex with a new partner approximately 3 weeks and a continuous partner 2weeks later.  Both were using condoms.  Neither have a known history of anything and have been tested Negative for all except possibly HSV but no known signs of HSV from either partner ever.  

Event 2...I began jogging in the past couple of weeks.  Very hot and humid in the climate i'm in.  I've also been doing some weekend work in the heat wearing blue jeans for several hours at a time.

I have an itchy rash with tearing skin and pimple like spots in the crease of my leg and on each side of the crease.  It's only on one side although there is a very slight itch on the other as well.  My gut tells me that I have a fungal infection like Tinea Cruris, but the back of my mind also tells me it could be something else like HSV.  I had a negative test for HSv2 about 14 months ago 10 weeks after a sexual relations with a new partner and a condom break.  Not that it probably matters, but all sexual partners were woman , in long term relationships and had no knowledge of any past issues with any STI's.  All checked annually during annual exams, except unsure about HSV Tests (They were also not aware if that was tested).

Any opinion on the pictures would be appreciated. Pictures taken are 3 days after noticing and after multiple applications of Tinactin. The pimples are on the leg side and the torn skin is on the side closest to my scrotum.  All in the leg crease though and nothing anywhere else.  Also pics are taken 1 week after second protected sexual event and 3 weeks after 1rst protected sexual event.

I did not look at pictures as I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures. You must go to your doctor as soon as possible and get an exam.

I would recommend not having sex unless married, especially with more than one partner. This can be quite risky. Also, even if you use protection correctly, there is still a chance of transmission of STD. No birth control method is 100% safe in preventing STD transmission.

Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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