Sexually Transmitted Diseases/White bumps near urethra


White bumps
White bumps  

White bumps
White bumps  

I am 24 years (virgin) old and have had these white bumps  near my urethra for as long as I remember. They don't itch, irritate...Could they be penile bumps?
I have had myself tested for std's nothing came out...I do have these bumps on my penis itself and under my glans which is normal.
Could this be some kind of rash, fungal infection, Trichomonias?

In attachment you find 2 pictures... as this is what they look like.

I can't diagnose from pictures or over the internet. You will have to go to your doctor and get an exam and diagnosis. If you haven't had sex (congratulations!) then you most likely don't have a sexually transmitted disease. When you went to get tested, did not a doctor examine you and give you an idea of what this might be? Let me know any further information.
Good luck!

Diane W.

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