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"Hi, i m 26 year male. i recently had an intercourse with a girl, although at first i used condom but in middle i penetrated her vagina without condom for a minute. although i dint release my semen by naked penis. I came to know later that girl was like a prostitute and c had many previous sexual relations too. after around 2 weeks i had too much itching on my penis and my upper half part of face turned to red seemed like something allergic.i took antiallergic injection and then i got relieved after 5-6 hours. within a month of this i also experienced little fever with little cold for two days. i am too sacred whether i could have HIV infection. plz suggest are these symptoms in agreement with HIV infection? i am too affaid. plz help. thanks"

Thank you for your question. You could have a sexually transmitted disease but I can't tell you over the internet. You will have to go to your doctor. You can't have peace unless you know for sure. If you don't go to the doctor and get tested then you will have to worry all the time. So please go. Also, don't have sex unless you are married. Please let me know what happens. Email me at

Good luck.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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