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Itchy part
Itchy part  
My vagina started getting itchy a few days before. I didn't give much attention to it since it happens  sometimes but goes away after I wash with betadine feminine wash. However, this time, the itchiness starts to be one painful when I touch it. I'm sexually active and is in a monogamous relationship. Neither me nor my bf had any partners other than each other.

I wash with betadine as usual and experience relief for the first few hours after washing but it starts to be o e itchy again at night. Also, when we tried to have sex a few days ago, it started feeling weird since penetration felt like scratching the itchy part of my genitals. It gave me the same feeling as being able to scratch an itchy mosquito bite.

I took a picture of the itchy part and it seems to have bumps/follicles? I don't know what it is called. Huhu.

Hello, I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. You must go to a doctor and get a diagnosis and treatment. If you haven't had any other partners, then it would almost be impossible to get a sexually transmitted disease. Are you sure that your partner didn't have sex with someone else? I hate to say that but it could be a possibility. Let me know what happens.
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