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about 3/4 weeks ago i had unprotected sex with a girl, i had gotten a rash and had came here and asked the other expert a question and he said it was because of lack of lube and it was nothing serious. 2 weeks later i had sex with the same girl, same thing happens with the rash, i think nothing of it. 2 days ago i had protected sex with a girl and the red dots seem to have returned more wide spread than it had ever been. i have no irritation i'm assuming it's herpes as going to a website herpes is usually mistaken for skin conditions which is what the every expert said it was. the only photos i have of how it is currently. is it possible i had got it from the girl i had sex recently from oral?

i'm 20 and from the uk

John, Whenever you have serious health problems, you need to go to a doctor and get an exam. Not just ask an expert over the internet. It's impossible for anyone to look at pictures and be able to diagnose a medical condition. I would say if you have had three encounters with this girl and
have had these problems, I wouldn't repeat this. I would encourage you to refrain from sex unless you are married to prevent these kinds of problems. Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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