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QUESTION: Hi Doctor,
I am 28 year old and sexually active . I had unprotected sex with a women from Rwanda ( Central Africa)on 10th Dec'13, she looks healthy at the time of intercourse, After 2 days , I had sex with same women on 12th Dec'13 , this time with Latex condom, 13th Dec'13 I had sex with other girl with protection . I didn't had any problem till 16th . From 17th Dec'13 I got small,red tiny bumps/acne without itch,smell,pus or blood. It goes, once again coming back, I started using coconut oil, cleaning the genital daily with water, sometimes shower gel, and then applying oil,after the genital hygiene It totally gone, but it turns once again,usually I get when I consume alcohol, but its recurring and its not completely going away. I also have fear whether I have contracted HPV or its the symptoms of HIV. This feeling making me sleepless and causing stress and strain. Please help with the solution.

ANSWER: Ok first of all, with a HIV prevalence of nearly 3% of the ENTIRE adult population, Rwanda is facing an epidemic of new HIV infections, along with many other African countries (UCSF, 2009). The fact that you had unprotected sexual intercourse with someone puts you at great risk of contracting an STI, not to mention getting someone pregnant, if you did not use protection. Bottom line: NOONE and I mean this, NOONE has the power to see if someone LOOKS healthy just by looking at them. People living with HIV and taking active prophylaxis treatment against the virus are VERY healthy (inside and out) as long as they take their medicine everyday. So can you tell if someone "looks" like they have HIV? No.

Now to your symptoms; your bumps could be indicative of nothing more than localized skin inflammation, or rash due to temperature conditions, such as repeated exposure to warm, dry air, which leeches moisture from your skin and causes itchy, dry skin (which can also affect genitalia) or an non-STI related infection. So two recommendations: one, check with your doctor, because NOW would be the perfect time for you to be tested and two, don't use coconut oil, Vasoline, or ANY oil on your genitalia as a lubricant or cleaning solution because of the risk of inflammation (sound familiar?) and general discomfort that comes from using such a harsh ingredient on such sensitive skin. If you have any follow up information let me know, but consult a doctor and stay safe my friend.


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QUESTION: Hi Doctor,

I stopped applying oil , now it seems alright , whenever I pass urine at the same moment I am washing my genital , so now it has stopped for a while, My main concern is I am out of my country and working in some region, hence testing is not possible here, as this region testing of sexual related infections has to be reported to ministry of health and same will be considered as offense  and may face jail or deportation , how ever I may be on vacation in next two month where, I will check in my home country, mean while please see this pic and let me know is this rash because of HIV, as of now I have only Rash in neck , some times coming in my face and generally seems to be a rash due to heat, but at the same time I am bit nervous , this may be due to HIV infection. Other than that I dont have any other symptoms like flu , sore throat , fever , spleen or liver enlargement , Lymph node enlargement etc since 12th Dec 2013 post exposure to risk. pls check the photo and let me know

HIV doesn't cause symptoms, AIDS does, and that would mean (even if you had it) that your T-Cell count has hit rock bottom and even then what you're describing doesn't fit AIDS symptoms. I think you're worrying yourself to death, which is a stress response that results in high cortisol levels and likewise, it causes widespread inflammation and susceptibility to sickness like colds or a general feeling of malaise. Get yourself tested as soon as you're able, but I would let something like (it being reported to the Ministry) stop me. Its your body, not theirs, so take care of it!


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