Sexually Transmitted Diseases/genital warts or herpes?


swollen labia
swollen labia  

small fleshcolored bumps
small fleshcolored bum  
Hello there, my name is sam and i am sexually active i have been with the same sex partner for about 3 months. I did std testing about a month ago and all of the results came back negative. I have had 2 yeast infections this past year and treated all of them. I'm pretty sure i have a yeast inection once again, symptoms are swelling, itching and burning, and white cottage cheese discharge. But another thing had come up, it started like in the month of march or april. Inside of my labia,small fleshcolored bumps appeared and i was frightened afraid of getting genital warts or herpes. So i went to a planned parenthood and the doctor told me that it didnt look like herpes or genital warts because they were not clumped together or looked like blisters and said that they should go away. So i waited a few months, they didnt go away. So i looked online, and i found a condition that looks exactly like my situation Vastibular papillae.They are fleshed colored bumps, but they seem to be growing bigger which scares me, this is very bad for my self esteem. The condition looks exactly like mine. if this is vastibular papillae are there any home remedies for this? i would like to remove them. I was wondering if i could get your professional opinion on this.
Thank you.


Are those picture of you??? If so, that's extremely frightening because labia aren't supposed to look like that. As for the bumps, they aren't abnormal at all and those are pretty typical for sexually developing women. Papilla occur in all women eventually (even after childbirth as an expansion of the vaginal tissue). It is NOT herpes as herpes isn't a condition in which tissue GROWS. However, HPV can be confused for that, which is why women should get a pap smear every 3 years to test for it. Technically yes, you can have certain growths remove, however if they're to small then no doctor will do it for cosmetic least I don't think so.....unless of course they're skin TAGS, which are benign and confused for HPV, but again your pictures didn't show that either. If you need follow up let me know.



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