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Recently turned 35 and had my annual physical.  Clean bill of health across the board.  Avid runner and overall healthy diet.  I was asked about sexual activity.  I use protection any time that I am sexually active.  However, 10.5 years ago, I did have a random unprotected encounter with a girl that I met at the bar while on vacation.  I was very paranoid about STD's and HIV.  I recall that my neck glands slightly swelled 7 days later.  One larger than the other.  No other symptoms like fever, sore throat, or rash.  I ended up forgetting about it, but just wondering if I should be concerned.  No other symptoms 10 years later, but have read that HIV can show up years after.  Should I get tested?  Will a home test kit suffice?  Should I be concerned?  I appreciate your input.


If you had a "clean bill of health" then assuming you had blood work accompanied with that, a wicked ass batch of HIV (which would have turned into AIDS by now because you never treated it) would have CERTAINLY showed up on those tests! And you would have also shows symptoms! Are you dying Chris??? :P I'm being sarcastic, but 7-10 years is usually the postdromal window for HIV to finally do enough damage to your immune system to obliterate your CD4 lymphocytes and make you look like Gumby. I'm going to assume you're a good looking, healthy individual with a bout of "oopsy" in your past. Btw, HIV can appear in your system about 14 days after you're infected with it and tests out there can test for that now. If you felt like getting tested for it, sure buy an Ora-Sure home testing kit for 80-100 dollars and do it in the safety of your own home. It's actually pretty fun; I enjoyed doing it myself. In your case I'll bet good money you'll have a happy outcome.

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