Sexually Transmitted Diseases/std or ??


i marked the part
i marked the part  

weird discoloration
weird discoloration  
hi i was tested negative for hiv ... chlamidya ... gonorrhea, syphilis afyer 3 months from sex exposure ....

Am wondering what is the chance to get hepatitis C from sex after condom broke for maybe 30 sec of sex....

the second question ? my penis looks like it has some head discoloration... ( i used valtrex for 7 days ) my doctor gave me this... after 7 days from exposure... but i never had anything like herpes on my it posible that's from the medication..

and the thirt question what is the chance to get candida from valtrex... i got it after 4 days of using my stomach feelt weird...

and fourth question on the pic is that HPV or everthing normal ?

thank you very much


Hep C is pretty rare on the grand spectrum of possible STI's. It's actually a pretty medium incidence rate, but still doesn't occur as often as chlamydia or gonorrhea. Hep C occurs in about 1 in 136 cases according to the CDC, but all it takes is blood or sexual contact so fluid exchange is instantaneous. It sounds like you got the whole STI series performed however, so I doubt you have much to worry about. As for your "discoloration," it appears the result of the site of where you applied the medicine and nothing more, which means it will go away. Valtrex is not an immunosuppressant, but helps to increase the likelihood of your immune response recognizing the virus that causes herpes and it doesn't have a huge list of side effects either. Candida is definitely not one of them, but nausea can be. Your frenulum appears normal and no I don't see any signs of HPV. Any follow up, let me know.



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