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I have had a new girlfriend for around 2 months now.

After about 1 and a half months of sex she experienced ovary pain. She also had what seemed like a bladder infection but this was only for a few days after a long road trip. She also mentioned spotting.

The ovary pain comes and goes. She also has an IUD that her gyni said must now come out as it is passed its lifetime.

I have had no symptoms when I met her or at the time she started with symptoms.

However the last week I have bladder pain and constant urge to urinate. No burning or discharge. Anxiety is high.

The confusing part in this is that if we are talking STI, how is it possible that I never had any symptoms but then only the bladder pain and urination only AFTER she has symptoms? Q1

This is not in line with what I read on the Internet. If symptoms do show it is usually within 3 weeks. Why would I only have some symptoms now.

I did once have a uti but then had burning. Got antibiotics. Is it possible that such infection was still in my body? Q2

She is seeing her gyni this week. What is the chance of permanent damage due to pid after such short time? Q3


First of all it isn't uncommon for men and women who practiced unprotected intercourse to give each other UTI's and yeast infections. Its just MORE common for women to get more of them. As for your final question, if she did have pelvic inflammatory disease, we wouldn't be having this conversation; I would be speaking with her instead of you! PID is pretty serious and is a long lasting condition. Since I don't know her symptomology, I cant hazard a guess at that. As for your second question, you had a UTI then cured it; you shouldn't have any long lasting repercussions. And finally back to your first question, yeast infections are often confused for STI's, but aren't. So if you're still scared that you contracted one then get tested to make sure you're clear!



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