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QUESTION: Hello I was just wondering what do you think this is. I only had oral sex with the same girl for 1 year and she has also never done anything with anyone besides me. I noticed this lesion about 2 weeks ago, and the last time I had oral though not often was a month ago. I feel no irritation nor do I feel any pain/difficulty while urinating.


Those bumps have likely been there a long, long time and you just now noticed them, but they're called Fordyce's spots and are basically acne for a better word. They are deep sebaceous cysts and are considered an inherited genetic condition, so you likely got it from one or both parents. Now you have a pretty dark frenulum, so its likely you mistook it for something that was wrong with you, but I don't notice anything wrong. It is possible for oral sex and unprotected/unlubricated sexual activity to leave behind abrasion burns which can be remedied with a water or silicone based lubricant with a barrier method if desired. The abrasion burns typically disappear after a few days but can be cleared up quicker with hydrocortisone cream (just a few dabs). Let me know if you have follow up.



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QUESTION: No sorry John, these bumps have recently shown up. Being in the medical field I assess myself every now and then. I uploaded you a picture of what it looked like before and what it looks like now. I tried antifungal lotrimin so it is not that in my opinion, I still have no symptoms leading me to believe it is a skin condition maybe even autoimmune? I know it is not an std because I have been in a monogamous relationship for 1 year and so has she. I have done oral with her, though it is quite rare since family is around most of the time and we both have to be free. So hope that helps you with the background info. It originally looked like a circle crater with a dot in the middle. The crater looks gone but now there are 2 dots on the edges of the circle. I uploaded 2 pictures one right now when I got out of the shower and one my very first picture. The time span between these 2 pictures is one month.


Sebaceous cysts can heal, then reappear, heal, and so on and so forth. That's the deal with Fordyce's spots. Your form of FS is pretty moderate, more so than mine ever was, and your pictures are so much clearer now and its much easier to see that. Antifungal creams wouldn't work on acne because you don't have a fungus. Think of the acne you have on other parts of your body that appear as craterous "boils," which are reminiscent of the one in your original photo. They can rupture, which would reduce the inflammation, then make you think they were gone and you still have others. If you doubt me you can make an appointment with your dermatologist to check yourself out and the good news is you can have some of your FS treated, but its quite costly from what I hear. Even better news is that FS is something that you tend to see less of as you grow older. I have less of it at 32 than I did at 18 or in my 20's, but no it isn't an autoimmune disease. That would lead to widespread inflammation and swelling across the entire penis and not isolated to just one tiny location.



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