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Hello Dr.

my name is james, 32yo, lives in malaysia. my left tip penis head sometimes have a tingling sensation which is on off on off everyday for around 3 weeks now. there is no blister, no ulkus, no redness, its look very normal to me. i already take urine test and the result all negative. i seek a dermatologist, and he said that everything looks normal, and he gave me anti-yeast cream, but i already use it for 1 week and nothing changed, and before that i also already took medicine for herpes and comes nothing.  is it some kind of uti/sti? or is there any other kind disease?

last time i did intercourse 2 months ago, and i used condom and didn't have any blowjob from my partner.

thank you

I would recommend that you go to another doctor or specialist to get a second opinion. Also, refrain from sexual activity to prevent future health problems with you or your partner. Remember, condoms or any kind of birth control method is not 100% safe in preventing STDs or pregnancy.

Diane W.

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