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possible frenulum wart
possible frenulum wart  
Hi. This afternoon I discovered something near my frenulum that I had never noticed before (not that I check that area so carefully every day though, it's kind of in a hidden area). It looks like some sort of wart, but actually I have no idea what it really is.

It doesn't hurt, itch, bleed or anything. It's not even actually red. I took some photos of it and zooming on it at high resolution I can see some white filament stuff inside the wart, scary. There's also what looks like a black short hair or filament on the outside of it, maybe that black hair/filament contained something that caused this wart thing to appear? Or maybe it has nothing to do with that, no idea. You should be able to see this in the attached photo (please make sure you observe the photo in its full size for best viewing).

Here's some of my recent sexual activity:
Two days before discovering this I had mammary intercourse with a girl and also the same again the day after (yesterday). My first thought was that I somehow tore some bit of my frenulum or skin during the thrusting in between her breasts and this was the result. Not so sure this is the cause now.

In the past month and a half I have had unprotected sex with three girls, two of which only ever had full intercourse with me (actually, one of this two girls had tried once with a guy before me months ago, but they had to stop because it hurt). The third girl (which is the one I had sex with first of the three, about 5 weeks ago) might have been somewhat sexually active with other partners.

I'm 28.

What's this thing I got near my frenulum? Should I be scared?
Thanks a lot for your time and reply.


Hey Kodo,

I have those myself and they're sebaceous cysts that haven't yet popped. They are hardened masses called Fordyce's spots and usually occur under the skin, but appear anywhere on your glans, shaft, testicles, groin and can even appear on your mouth. They are generally not dangerous and they can come back. It's also not a good idea to pop them as they can lead to scarring and create infection. It's more like a scab that will fall off with time, but they can also come back. Fordyce's is something you usually grow out of, but even at the age of 32 I still have them, just not as bad as I did when I was 22! A wart generally appears much more malignant and appears fleshy and less like a "zit" than Fordyce's. If you have follow-up let me know.



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