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labia minora
labia minora  
I just recently noticed that I have a few tiny spots on my clitoris where it folds into the skin. You have to stretch the skin to see them, they're barely there. They are not bumps, they're not itchy, it doesn't smell different, and I haven't noticed any discharge. I'm also on my period if that helps at all? I also am concerned about the way my labia minora looks, I'm not sure if it's entirely normal for it to look the way does. And one last question, I'm on the nexplanon birth control implant, and don't normally bleed. But when I do bleed it lasts usually 2-4 weeks and is super light. I don't really even need a tampon, I just need to wipe myself every few hours. Help please?

You should ask your doctor about the implant. I am concerned about that. I don't recommend it because of health concerns. But I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. Have you found out anything yet? Please write me at so we can talk more.

Diane W.

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