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Dear Dr. John.
I am a 28 and  male. First, sorry my English. But I hope you can understand me.
First of all, I want to explain what happened to me since 2012. Maybe it sounds very long time ago. But, in 2012, I had a unprotected sex with someone who had a Trichomoniasis and I got this STD.  It was treated by several injection and antibiotic medication pills. Also, there was a wart between my eyes. Doctors removed that wart using hospital electronic device. I don't know the name.
Then I had a diagnose text again. It was a negative. But after two or three weeks, I had two red spot on my penis head with a pus which were very painful when touch it. And that outbreaks were symmetrical on right and left side on my penis. Then I went to a doctor again. They diagnosed that two outbreaks and told me that it is a Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2.  Since that time, my back is paining every day, because of herpes as doctor said. Actually, outbreak of herpes never comes again since I have been treated with Herpes treatment for almost 6 months in 2012. Then I went to foreign country for study for 1 year.
Then last year, I had a girlfriend, and she knows that I have a herpes. Because, I told her everything what happened to me.
We are now going to marry. But, in November, 2013, my girlfriend or now fiancÚ became a pregnant and our baby couldn't give heartbeat in 8 weeks. Then she had a surgery to clean her belly. It was very difficult and sad for us.  From that time, I have noticed there maybe another STDs except herpes and trichomoniasis.  Because, very similar outbreaks and conditions are coming to both of us. Outbreaks (red and painful spots like acne on our skin or whole body) are appearing  when we are tired or our immune system is weak, and we are sweating a lot when we are stressful or nervous. And warts are appearing on around my mouth and my fiancÚ's hands. My fiancÚ's belly is paining and our necks are congealing now. I am very worrying about it.
I wanted to attach many pictures, but this website allows only two. So, I attached main pictures into two file with explanation.  Also, I uploaded one NOT our picture, because I wanted to search this kind of outbreaks from porn movies, since I think this is STDs. Then I found one lady who has very same spot on her butt.
Also I want to NOTICE that these outbreaks leave brown spot on our skin and brown spot will NOT disappear, and now I am hesitating that outbreaks which appeared on my penis in 2012 were NOT a herpes outbreak.  That was very similar to current outbreaks on our body.
Sorry for very long text. Please help us. Your response will be much appreciated. Thanks so much.
Best regards,


I'm not a physician, I'm a health educator, so is your question to me whether or not you think those picture are of herpes? Because they're not. Those are pictures of acne outbreaks, which can be widespread and brought of by a number of factors (which include stress!). I'm really sorry about your previous miscarriage, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try again with future attempts at conceiving. The good news about herpes is that it can be suppressed with anti-viral medication, which I assume your doctor could have given you correct? Abreva or Valtrex could be prescribed to taken to prevent future outbreaks from bothering you and your partner. It doesn't have to be something that controls your life, but what you should know about herpes is that herpes lesions typically don't come in CLUSTERS. HSV 1 or oral herpes ONLY appear around the mouth or on the lips and you'll only get one lesion. And HSV 2 or genital herpes only appear in the genital region or on the genitals themselves and you'll get one lesion. They lesions itch and burn a lot! They can pus, crust over as a scab and can take up to six weeks to heal. Does this describe what you're dealing with? Probably not. The pictures you're sending don't look anything like herpes at all. If you're dealing with chronic acne I would contact a dermatologist for assistance.

Best wishes,


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