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QUESTION: I recently had one sexual encounter with a woman (2nd woman in my life - first was a long term GF who did not have any STD's. We both did not- verified by tests also and we were each others first). This recent encounter consisted of unprotected oral sex as well as protected vaginal sex. After the first day or two, I felt a slight kink, pinch in the tip of my penis. Followed by a day 3 itch that was all over my groin area. Penile head, shaft, scrotum and anus area. This itch has not subsided and this is now day 12. I went to planned parenthood and my normal Doc and they told me so far I have no signs or symptoms of herpes which I was terrified of after reading about it on the internet. Mainly because I felt this was my only plausible explanation. I had never felt anything like this in all my years, and now it occurs days after this encounter.

After going to the doctors though; I realized I missed an important piece of information so now I am back to stressing out about this. I showed the doc the rash I had on my back and he said there is no way it is herpes. He also said since I had this same skin condition happening on both of my sides, it couldn't be shingles.

I also told him that for years I have had body acne (mostly on my butt - and it's occasionally pretty bad). But he didn't look at my anus, just checked my groin area on the front side and didn't seemed concerned.

I remembered now that I am home that the girl I slept with had a few pimples on her butt. They were on one cheek and did seem to be in a cluster; but I knew they were just zits during the encounter. Now I am panicking and thinking I may have missed this due to a lack of knowledge at the time. I thin k she had about 3 of them and one or two were white heads. From my recollection, it didn't look exactly like a herpes breakout (from the photos I've seen online) but I have also read users saying that their butt herpes can sometimes look like acne if it's mild.

My question is:
Could I have herpes on my butt that I had mistaken for normal body acne?  Could the symptoms I have been displaying be due to the herpes that formed on my butt, but since no doctor has seen my butt, they weren't worried about herpes? This butt acne (or herpes) has gotten pretty bad since this incident, but it could also be due to my stress over this issue as well as sports activities that usually causes me to break out pretty bad. I never thought about the butt until now, but maybe those were her signs and now these are mine? Here is a photo of my butt (I am sorry, it's really bad and disturbing). Please let me know if this could be my outbreak which would explain all the groin itching and sensations I have been feeling since this encounter. Also note that this part of my butt doesn't itch, its more towards the crack and hole that itch on occasion.

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You DONT have herpes! There I said it! I think it's great that you would share all this information with me but don't you think if there's anywhere on your body that a herpes outbreak would likely appear it would be at the site of fluidic exchange? Herpes isn't like the flu; it doesn't jump through the air and target a specific spot. So if you did have a an sore, it would be on your penis and the only unprotected intercourse you had was oral. Now, before you start sending me pictures, you wouldn't experience prodromes the day after from herpes which means you were experience an abrasion lesion from the oral. It's likely but even more possible is that you could be allergic to latex condoms! That would explain the itching and acne in your groin. You said you're prone to acne anyway so it wouldn't hurt to dab a little hydrocortisone in your nether region to help with the inflammation but also I wouldn't use latex condoms again either. You might want to buy poly isoprene condoms the next time you have intercourse and if you want to absolutely make sure you don't have herpes then get tested for HSV in a couple of weeks. If you need follow up let me know.

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Other John

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QUESTION: First off, I just want to thank you for your time and knowledge. For someone like me who is now terrified of what I may have contracted, it is nice that there are people in the world like you to answer questions and help us through these times.

Regarding my symptoms, today marks 4 weeks since possible exposure. I still have a slight itch that comes and goes in my groin area but has been very subdued the last 3 days. Far less itching than before. It is now localized to my groin and anus when it does itch. I have been experiencing rash like feelings with no actual rash in a few different locations: between my legs and groin (in that area where they connect), on my inner thigh, and on my outer thigh. This has been happening for the past 5 days. No lesions or sores still, just these. I went to the dermatologist on the fist sign of this in between my groin and thigh (where they connect) and she looked at it but was obviously unable to see anything. She told me that it doesn't appear to be STD related. These next two areas (inner and outer thigh) occurred the following days after my appointment. If I rub the skin, it feels raw. Also another strange thing happened. As I was walking I got a sharp pain in my ankle, so sharp it almost made me collapse. It didn't feel like a regular ankle injury as I have had some in my life. I also wiggled my ankle around numerous ways and could not replicate the pain. When I pressed on the area of pain (medial side of ankle), it shot a pain up my leg (along hamstring) up to my buttocks. It was really strange. I haven't felt it again after that night though. This was 3 nights ago. Other than that I feel occasionally light headed with episodes of an upset stomach and diarrhea at times. I am at a loss and unsure which symptoms correlate and which do not. I am obviously not going to touch anyone until this all clears up and I figure out what to do. But I have since started talking to a girl I have liked for a long time and want to become intimate with her. Just wanted to add these symptoms to see if anything rings a bell. I'd love to be proactive with this and not wait too long. I still would be shocked if all of these symptoms after this encounter were non related. The timing just seems so strange.

Thank you again.


If you never "touch anyone again" you'll end up being the "boy in the bubble." I have no clue what your symptoms are but they have nothing to do with STI's. Remember to keep an eye on your skin condition and manage your symptoms with the care of your dermatologist (who told you that your symptoms aren't STI related!). Take care of yourself and best wishes.


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