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The small sore
The small sore  
QUESTION: Hello, I've recently found out that the sore on my vagina was a boil rather than a wart. I had protected sex with my ex boyfriend in the month of May and had a pap examination like 2 months before that. Should I schedule another one because of the sexual episode I had in May ?? I'm freaking out because now that I know my sore is not a wart I'm afraid of maybe warts growing inside my vagina hole. I'm not sure if it's anxiety or awareness. How would I know if HPV is inside my vagina without a pap?? & I uploaded the picture of the sore. It was a bigger sore, but I burst it and pust and blood came out. I burst it around 4 months ago and 2 months later which is now it's a smaller version of the big sore. I was told it's not a wart, but just want a second opinion & is it possible for warts to be growing inside my vagina that I don't know of. BTW my ex was the very first person I had sex with.

ANSWER: Greetings,

Your pap was clear of HPV which means you don't have it. A boil is NOT HPV-it's acne pure and simple and leave it that. They take a long time to heal unfortunately and they can even scar, especially if you pop it like you did. You have another 3 years to worry about until you get another Pap smear so rest easy!



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QUESTION: Hello thanks a lot for the response. I forgot to say I wasn't sexually active when I got the pap. I had sex right after that pap examination for the very first time with my ex and since he is not the most faithful person I am still afraid of contracting a std from him even though we used a condom. I did go for a pap this week on Wednesday. I'm still awaiting the results. I was wondering if his penis was covered will that put me at risk of having HPV in the cervix??

Because you used a condom, your cervix was protected. The part of your body not protected is what is potentially at risk of being "at-risk" of contracting HPV since genital warts is contracted through skin to skin contact. It's extremely common and one of the most heavily contracted of the STI's, which means its also something that you shouldn't be so hung up on. If you haven't had any visible symptoms, its because HPV can take weeks or even months to manifest itself. Getting a pap every time you have sex is just not viable and completely unnecessary. You were right for having protected sex with him and you had very little risk in this instance.



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