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Ok so this started about 2 yrs ago I am 20 years old I started having swollen tonsils with redness and craters with white substance and these small but annoying sores on the edges of my tongue it pops up every 6 months or so maybe more often and lasts maybe a week I went the the army hospital and the said I had tonsilitis the next day I went to my Unit army clinic and the medical lieutenant tested me for strep it came back negative now he is treating me for oral herpes????? I've been on valtrex  for about 4 days and I'm getting more bumps on my tongue cheeks and roof of my mouth he didn't test for herpes just started treating me for it I will attach a photo any ideas on what this is? That's the best photo I could get!

So, in essence what you do have could be considered tonsillitis. The "white" things that you described in the crypts of your tonsils are called tonsilloliths, and are calcified (hardened) food particles that were caught in your tonsil and could not pass safely down your pharynx to be digested in your esophagus then stomach. They are considered one of the number one reasons behind extreme halitosis and people generally like to take a cotton swab or Q-Tip and extract them via pressure because of what a nuisance they are. Tonsilloliths are also a prime reason why people have repeated tonsil infections and inflammation like you have. Remember that tonsils are technically a part of your lymphatic system and technically play a very strong role in keeping you safe from bacteria that are ingested. I, for one, had mine yanked out at 12 because they were defective and I've been grateful ever since. As for herpes, yes its entirely possible it is herpes and as long as you don't have an allergic reaction to the medication, then I would continue taking it because it helps your immune system contain the strain and suppress it for some time. For any medical advice though, I would continue to consult your primary care provider and if you think they cant help you, then see a specialist, called an ENT doctor. Stay safe soldier!


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