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Hello I recently had unprotected sex with a new partner and noticed small bumps Doc said it was fungal infection but they started spreading and I suspected warts. I tried apple cider vinegar over night and a few of the tiny bumps turned black so I'm asuming it was warts.

Thank god this is working since I know medications are expensive.

I would just like to know the following:

1- Will I ever be able to have unprotected sex without infecting my partner after clearing the infection?

2- Do I have to disclose my status at all after clearing it?(I would rather not have to because of embarassment)

3- How can I stay positive in this type of situation and not let it ruin my self esteem?

I'm trying to keep positive and do the things I love and I also have become more aware of my health.

I'm 25 , male and I have always been really healthy and rarely get sick for long( thank god).

I really appreciate your andwer.
Best regards

So, number 1- you can, at ANY time, spread HPV, or the virus that causes genital warts, to your partner. Most of the time, however, if you have an active flare up, then its more risky for transmission. Second, fungal infections are very common and very contagious as well, so you have to consider what your doctor stated at the beginning. If you had genital warts I would question why he didn't test for the virus, unless of course it really was a fungus. You have to remember that your nether-regions experience their own climate differentials and as my high school biology teacher once said: "Anything that is warm and wet is a breeding ground for anything." Also, I would never recommend not using protection during a sexual activity because how well do you know your partner really? In the gay community, there is this ethos of excitement and risk-taking whenever a gay man bare backs for another man and that is way way risky. Number 3- unless you want to feel overwhelming guilt for the rest of your life from the lack of protection in your sexual dalliances, then I would disclose your health status for anyone you sleep with. And finally, the best way to stay healthy is to practice what you preach. If you feel the urge to have unprotected sex with someone, then make sure they don't have anything either, because who knows what they've done in their past as well. Best wishes.


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