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I had a sexual encounter (mutual masturbation and protected oral sex)at a massage saloon. 4,5 weeks after this i noticed these red bumps on my penis and at times a burning sensation on tip of my penis. No other symptoms other then anxiety and heavy feeling in my legs. I tested neg for chlamydia and gonnorrhea.
As it is 6 weeks next wednesday i'll then do a first hiv and syphilis test.

But these bumps on my penis really worry me.
They are not sensitive when i touch them.
Any idea what this and the cause could be ?
Seems kinda late for herpes but could it or could it be syphilis ?

Thank you so much for any help hope to feel beter soon both physically and mentally...

ANSWER: I doubt its an STI at all. Mutual masturbation and protected oral sex are two of the safest methods of sexual activity there is. You're at more risk of being in a car wreck then getting an STI from what you do! I believe its something dermatologically related, because A LOT of guys get bumps, inflammation, and redness after masturbation or intercourse and it naturally goes away. However, your pictures suggest to me some kind of allergic reaction possibly. Did you use a latex condom? Its possible that you are allergic to latex, and that would cause such a wacky reaction like what you have. I'm going to go ahead and tell you that I am 99% positive that what you have isn't related to sex at all, but the ways in which you went about sex. Consider asking your primary care provider for options like latex allergy testing. If that's the case, then consider buying polyurethane condoms from now on! They're more expensive, but worth it! Stay safe.


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QUESTION: Thanks for the first reassurance that helps to ease my mind somewhat so really thank you so much.

Well its been 1 week now and the 'rash' is still there. I used mycolog creme for 3 days now so i guess i should see some progress.
Also still burning tip and unlike the rash which is continuous the burning feeling is there with times...

Well id love to beleive its an allergy but although i did not use many condoms in the past (long term relationship) i never noticed this grade of a rash. Also isnt it late for an allergic reaction to occur ? 4,5 weeks after last sexual contact ?

I do have psoriasis and more atm because of stress levels. Could this have to do something with that ???

If we assume it is an std after all what do you think it ressembles most ?
Really hope you're right this could ruin my life pretty much...

It looks like it is only affected the glans of your penis, so I have doubts that it is caused by a bacterium or virus. And you're right, allergic reactions usually go away on their own after a week or two. The psoriasis you have could be an issue, at which point I would address that with a dermatologist, but your indications do not suggest an STI with which I am familiar. Make that appointment and stay safe!


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