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red spots on penis
red spots on penis  
For the last couple of weeks i have had these small red bumps on my penis head. they don't hurt or itch or anything they are just there. i have not had sex in about a year and it has only shown up recently. i think it may be from masturbation i'm not sure. just would like to know what they are and how to get rid of them. i mean they don't hurt, i just don't like seeing them that's all.

You and three other people have asked this same question, all in the same day I might add, so I'm explaining it via copy and paste. The skin of your scrotum and penis contain the same hair follicles and skin cells that the rest of your body has. However, there is a slight difference. The cells on your scrotum and penis do not contain or contain very little sebaceous (oil producing) glands, which are what makes hair oily as well. Also, the bumps on your penis head (if you have any) or on your penis can be exacerbated by normal intercourse or masturbation because of the sensitive nature of the skin. In all of the cases I have found from resource searches, this is a relatively common question that is asked of sexual health educators and in just about all the cases, the spots, lumps, bumps, or what have you can go away on their own, but if its the cosmetic image your not fond of, I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you as they come and go as they please.

Conclusion 1: They are NOT STI related. That means not herpes, genital warts, or anything else you can imagine.

Conclusion 2: They could be skin tags or even growths that are a result of the natural skin growth of the penis. I have them, my brother has them, everyone has some sort of bump or lump that neither they or I can explain.

Conclusion 3: If it bothers you to much, or you think it may be sex-related, then please see a primary care provider, or specialist like a dermatologist.

If you have any further follow-up at this point, consider making an appointment with your local clinic or doctor's office. Stay safe my friends.


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