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I'm a little concerned as I've recently been tested for and cleared of hiv/std. I guess out of anxiety since I've had protected sex once since then, I've been overexamining myself. Though I do believe these have been there for quite a long time, I am concerned over these bumps I do have on my scrotum. They are very small and there appears to be just three or four of them. I also have one near my underwear line where I wear briefs. I was wondering if you would think these are warts or skin tags? While I'm hopeful for the latter, I'm hoping you could provide some insight. They arnt big as you can tell and only one bothers me simply because I was picking at it and freaking out even though I've felt like I've seen one of these years ago on my groin area. If sincerely appreciate it if you could help me..

ANSWER: Rule number one: never go hypochondriac on yourself! They do look like skin tags or even papules, which function like acne and go away on their own. You've been cleared for HIV/AIDS and hopefully the rest of the STI's, so you should sleep soundly and not weigh yourself down so much. With that said, HPV is an extremely common STI, with nearly half of all sexually active men contracting it at least once in their lifetimes. Most of those cases work in the man's favor because his immune system is healthy enough to suppress the virus (it works similarly to Herpes). If you are not pleased by my answer then seek medical advice as I cannot give it to you, but overall just take care of yourself and don't be one of the millions of people I speak to who are scared to death that some spot or growth could be the worse case scenario! Stay calm and stay safe my friend.


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Thank you so much. I appreciate your honesty. I am 26 and still do get a pretty good amount of acne on my body. I hit puberty a little late compared to most. But I've attached some more photos if you wanted to just take a look as we'll. I really appreciate you taking the time out to answer this and kind of relax myself as I was sincerely hoping to hear it's probably skin tags. I did get cleared about a month and a half ago as I was cleared of hiv and all the stds that the philadelphia department of health test for. The first pic is the one of the same location and the second one is one of where my
Waistline is. I might mention that I also take cream for what I believe to be jock itch as a rash appears between my thighs and crotch. The cream has helped a ton with the rash. Thanks so much for anymore insight you can provide!


That completely looks like what my groin looks like after a hot day. Its your sebaceous glans producing sweat, which can sometimes cause itching and a general feeling of ickyness. Those aren't skin tags or HPV I can assure you of that much. But like I said, if you have a problem, get it checked out by your PCP.

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