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Hi how are you?

A few months ago, I had an unfortunate sexual encounter with a female where the condom I was using popped.

I pulled out, put on another condom, which also popped. I then stayed in for a few minutes before giving up and calling it quits for the night.

Three to five days later I was badly itching in my pelvic area, followed by a bump/blister about an inch and a half above my penis.

The bump hurt for awhile, but wasn't unbearable nor was it super painful. After a few days and a long, hot shower, the bump became flat and began to heal. It scabbed, fell off and scabbed some more.

This bump has never come back but I still get random itching/pain in the area it was.

I then went to my doctor (which I now realize I should have done before the healing began), and he diagnosed it as a sebaceous cyst saying that he's been in this profession 30+ years and that I didn't have any symptoms of genital herpes.

He also tested me for HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, all of which tested negative/non-reactive.

This was all good... Up until about a month or so ago.

I have been developing very bad acne/pimples/blisters on my face, in areas I have never gotten them before. I had a yellowish pimple appear on the right corner of my lip.

Scared that it was a cold sore,I googled some home remedies and applied peroxide, vitamin E and salt directly.

It went away in two days. Hair is now growing from that area (my first goatee hair).

I had another small, pimple-looking bump appear underneath my lips on the left side.

It lasted a week or two and was never more than a 3 or 4/10 on the pain scale. I treated it like a pimple and used my acne products on it. It had begun to go down and is almost gone. Hair also seems to be growing from this area, but not directly from it.

I now, however, have a pimple right at the top of my lips in the middle. It has a white head and is red around. This one is a bit painful.

I feel like I have gotten a bump in this same place before, or have had this bump here for a long time, but it is just now beginning to hurt and turn white.

i have applied a small amount of clay mask in hopes that the apparent fluid will dry out.

Does this sound like herpes to you? And if not, what could it be?

One of the past experts on this site said it could be folliculitis related to staph aureus.

I am not sure if it is herpes because -- irresponsibly -- I have kissed many women and had unprotected sex with two different girls, none of whom are saying that they have anything. They actually appeared quite frightened by the idea that I may have given them something.

On a drunk night, a female also performed oral sex while I had my very first bump/blister on my pelvic region. We also had sex and she does not have anything.

I understand that I need to be more responsible with my sexual encounters, but I do need some clarity, especially because the doctor cleared me for everything. But he did not test me for herpes, only visually and physically diagnosed me without actual lab results. (He squeezed the healed blister with both thumbs and said it was a sebaceous cyst.)

I have no clusters of bumps/blisters on my body anywhere. I am going to get re-tested though, because I do feel a tightness in my pelvis and I don't get the same sensation from urinating that I used to.

I will attach a picture next time I write you.

Thanks for your help.

Point taken, if you did not test positive for any common STI, I wouldn't suggest its an STI, but if you doubt your doctors word of advice, then consult with a specialist (like a dermatologist) for more information. Beyond that, this is far outside my realm of expertise. Best Wishes.


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