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Cluster of not painful bumps outside vagina
Cluster of not painful  
tiny pimple like itchy bumps
tiny pimple like itchy  
QUESTION: Hi I went to the OBGYN today and they noticed small bumps in my inner labia, said they're not sure if they are herpes or a result of the yeast infection they diagnosed me with. So I gotta wait 2 weeks! I came home and got a mirror went down there, I noticed that I also have a cluster of squishy, movable lumps on the outside of my labia, like on the perenium part, but not on or near the anus. They dont hurt, but I don't think my doc noticed them because they are dark like the rest of me down there. When I stretch the skin, they flatten out. Any idea as to what they might be? I am sexually active. Overall, the bumps on my inner labia are itchy but the ones on the outiside are painless.

ANSWER: Your bumps are also called papules and appear in basically everyone. I've been asked that question the most here on the site more often than any other question. Papules are harmless, unless they grow, in which case that could be a sign of malignancy and cancer. Its made uncomfortable during sexual activity, in which more blood flows to the area and makes things appear larger than they really are and the fact that you could be itching a place down there, can easily lead to some kind of skin infection, which will really complicate things! I have a feeling that your test results for herpes and HPV will come back negative, but if I'm wrong, then please exercise caution for your future partners by having them "wrap it up" during sexual activity! You don't want to have the problem spread, so stay safe!


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QUESTION: Thanks for your response John. I actually went to another GYNO yesterday to have a look at those bumps on the outisde of my Vagina. He said I have venerial warts. And I'm like huh? He took a pap, and said in two weeks I'll know which strain of HPV I have. It seems that it's possible the pap can come back negative for HPV? Also, I got the results back for the bumps inside my Vagina lips and I tested negative for herpes. Whewww

Venereal warts are genital warts, but its the most common form of infectious disease people (especially women) can get from sexual activity. With that said, there are over 100 strains of HPV. Some are contagious, some are precancerous, and some are inevitably beaten by your immune system and suppressed. Your OBGYN, might put you on some sort of antiviral medicine, but I'm not the doctor! The major point is I'm guessing that whatever you have "hopefully" is not going to be a major concern. You realize that most cases of people with the "uglier" forms of HPV have to have the warts burned off at some point in their lives and it actually occurs for the rest of their lives, but I'm hoping that's not you, so I'm waiting on pins and needles too! Let me know!


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