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white bumps
white bumps  
QUESTION: I had uprotected sex and Little slightly itchy white bumps came out I tested negative fro herpes and AIDS thank God. So in my country there is NO way of testing for genital warts asides from the unrealiable vinegar test which my DR used. They didn't turn white but I heavily suspect Genital Warts and I'm very upset about never being able to know for sure. Image added. This bumps where not there before and the girl I had unprotected sex admited to being promiscuous.

So I got over the emotional trauma of Having and STD. DR said it would clear itself in a year or two if I took good care of my immune system but I would still spread it even using a condom(he said it's only like 70% protection)

I chose abstinence for life.

Problem I'm facing is that this girl really likes me in my university and I like her too but I would never disclose my status to anyone and I sure wouldn't have sex with them without telling them. I don't know what to do and my DR acts like Having Genital warts is not a big deal.

Do these look like genital warts?
How do I treat them? There is no Aldara here and no Cryosurgery that I know off
Apple cider vinegar does nothing to them

ANSWER: Ok first of all, you're an American citizen (I should know because I lived in PR for 3 years) and if you were really concerned with your condition, you could have made a trip into San Juan. However, with that said, let me tell you this. Your doctor is more than wrong and education and perception have a lot to do with that. I don't know which part of PR you're from, but condoms are NOT 70% effective, they're 99%. HPV is normally transmitted through sexual contact, but its a quirky virus and it is possible that your immune system came into contact with the HPV virus, but you would have show active warts by this time and according to your testimony, your immune system has done quite well (along with many other peoples) at keeping you from showing symptoms of dysplasia or skin growths. For a great deal of people, the body will "cure" itself of the virus after about 2 years, but practicing safe sex GREATLY reduced your chance of getting almost anything sexually related. Point two, never have unprotected sex with another partner if you can help it, unless your in a mutually exclusive relationship and it sounds like you currently aren't. When you sleep with someone unprotected, you're sleeping with EVERYONE they slept with and that's not great odds in your favor, especially if neither they or you have gotten an STI panel, which you should be able to get in a larger city like Ponce, Mayaguez, or San Juan.

Seeing a doctor from UPR could benefit you as they have the resources of an entire university at their disposal, but the doctor you went to is full of hooey. Those dots in the picture you supplied me with aren't an STI, but a common skin condition known as papules, or Fordyce's spots. Both are harmless and very common; in fact most people on this website who have asked me questions have them. They may be unsightly, but not an indication of any disease and you have them for life, so if they GROW, then and ONLY then are they a problem. Stay safe my friend and in your case, I'm glad you asked for a 2nd opinion, but if you do have pressing questions in the future, ask a doctor more qualified than the one you used.


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QUESTION: Thanks you for your answer kinda put me at ease for a bit but for what I've read online Fordyce spots are not suposed to itch.I had them lower down the shafts since as long as I can remember and never itched.

These however. itch a bit from time to time and they wheren't always there. I'm not sure if they can pop out latter in life hence why I suspected STD it was coincidence that I found them a few weeks after sex.

So why do they itch and what can I do to ease it if anything?

You're right Fordyce's doesn't itch, but fungus does-in the form of jock itch! Now unless you have BIG gaping, open wounds that are crusty and weep yellow lymphatic fluid then you don't have herpes; period. Does that make you feel better? Talcum powder works wonders for jock itch and so does ointment, provided you apply it lightly, not heavily. If you have any other questions please let me know.


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