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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Irritated penis head and small "spots" on the rim/edge of the corona


Small "spots" along the edge/rim of the corona
Small "spots" along th  

Small "spots" along the edge/rim of the corona
Small "spots" along th  
Hi John,

I am a 27 yr old sexually active man, and I have been very worried about a condition I am experiencing on my penis for about 13 days now.

16 days ago I slept with a girl without using a condom and 3 days later I started having a burning feeling on the head of my penis. The head was not appearing to look any different from normal, it was not red or anything.

10 days ago I went to the sexual clinic to get tested for STD, gave blood and urine but the doctor advised me that I'll need to re-do the test two weeks later (apparently it takes at least 2 weeks after a sexual act for anything to appear on the test results).

I have not had the results from my first test yet but I noticed some kind of very little "spots" raising along the rim/edge of the corona (as shown on the pics). They are very sensitive on touch - the feeling is not painful but rather unpleasant.

I am still experiencing the burning head symptoms and sometimes the the head looks a bit red (just like when having fungus infection) so I've started self medicating myself, applying Diprobase Cream (emollient for the treatment of eczema and other dry skin conditions - been given this in the past to tackle fungus). I have also applied Clotrimazole cream (1%) few times but the burning feeling got even worse, so now I don't put anything , just waiting for next appointment at the sexual clinic. The problem is that I am getting really obsessed, observing my penis, keeping eye of whether the "spots" are spreading out across the corona or getting larger.

I know that, based on what I've described so far, it's difficult to advise anything (especially without the test results), but do you think that the corona looks ok or i'm just getting paranoiac?

I am very anxious because I also have a girlfriend with which I always use condom but sometimes have oral love, therefore i don't want to pass anything on to her.

Thanks for your advice,

Hi Eric,

Typically your immune system will create antibodies to most bacterial and viral infections at least 3 weeks after unprotected intercourse, so you went a little to soon. Also, the growths on your corona are really quite natural. Like Fordyce's spots, coronal papules are present in just about every man I've responded to on this website. Even I have them and they've been there for 15 years. Its a normal dermatological artifact and there is no treatment available to remove them, but if you notice changes in color, texture, size, or spreading (which is really really rare) then it could be a sign on pre-cancerous change, but like I said, its REALLY rare. Finally, your burning could be an indication of a yeast infection, which are very common and very treatable in people who engage in unprotected intercourse, so make sure this is cleared up AND use protection the next time to protect yourself from anything else you're concerned about. Best wishes and make sure you follow up in a week or so!


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