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My rash-bumps
My rash-bumps  
Hi there. For the second time in about 50 days now, I have had an outbreak of multiple bubbles/rash around my mouth area, (last time it was on my chin). To accompany this, my lymph node in my neck hurt if I poke at it, but only on the side of the rash/bubbles, the same happened last time and my neck was swollen.

I have had a partner for the past 3 months and nobody else before that. This has never happened before, we are monogamous. I'm just not sure if this is herpes or not, is it contact dermititis? I don't know what to do please give me some guidance/help... I greatly appreciate it.. Thanks so much. I've attached a picture to show:

Hi Max,

They don't seem to be herpes blisters because there wouldn't be multiple ones next to each other like that and they don't have the "classic" look that I usually see on clients. They do look a lot like Fordyce's, which is a skin condition in which multiple non-harmful lesions are clustered together in a specific area and because Fordyce's can appear just about anywhere (herpes is strictly limited to the mouth and lips), I would suspect that this is closer to what you have. As for your pain, this is the first time someone's told me about it hurting that much, so I really think you should tell a doctor about this. I'm so used to see the spots much smaller than what you're showing me and that could be an indicator of something "different" about yours, but I'm not sure what it could be. Please consult a primary care provider or preferably a specialist about this condition and keep that picture!

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