Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Herpes or something else?


I have had an undiagnosed yeast infection, and the cream and pill DID work. However now it has started to get irritated down there again and I have gotten these small sort of clear, but still kind of red-ish bumps down there... Could this still be yeast infection or herpes or something else?

Dear Christina, It might be time to go to the doctor so you could get a professional exam and diagnosis. I can't diagnose over the internet. Are you having sexual activity? If so, this could be affecting your recovery. Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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I will be out of town for a few days and won't be able to answer questions. If you would like to email me at I will answer you on my return. What's wrong with me? What should I do to prevent getting a disease? These are the kinds of questions I can answer for ladies or men. Please ask me any questions about STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)that you would like to talk to a woman about. I'm not a medical professional but have 25 years of counseling experience. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY PICTURES AS I CAN'T DIAGNOSE FROM PICTURES OVER THE INTERNET.


I have counseled young ladies for 25 years.

25 years counseling experience.

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