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Inflamed Photo after accidental scratching
Inflamed Photo after a  
Possible Herpes?
Possible Herpes?  
QUESTION: I have 3 photos the picture with white spots on the tip of my gland is from a few months ago and in that case the spots literally formed within a day or less and when I rubbed a finger across it the white spots erupted with 'pus' I later thought I had thrush and treated it with anti-yeast. Since then I haven't had any issues and at the time I had poor hygiene being that I am uncircumcised all signs pointed to thrush but I figured I should ask.

 Second Photos are more recent (Last week or so) I recently shaved and noticed these small gray bumps.

 So I will tell you I am sexually active and I have had a condom break once or twice with multiple partners but never with anyone that was of concern.

 I'm 22.

 My primary concern is Herpes/Genital Warts.

 I am scheduled to see a urologist concerning the bumps in the next week but my anxiety gets the better of me.


ANSWER: Hey Charlie,

You're long overdue my friend and I'm so glad you're going to see someone next week. Make sure you show him/her these picture because that looks like a wicked case of balanitis. I don't "think" its herpes, but I'm not a doctor, so I can only tell you I don't see open wounds or sores and therefore wouldn't associate that with herpes. As for your condom breakage; you need to buy a larger size OR you're using them wrong: number ONE cause of condom breakage. Make sure you bring up your concerns with your physician.

Stay safe,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I appreciate the swift reply...  The first photo I'm not too concerned about because since I treated it with yeast infection medication it went away.   From what I read it didn't seem to indicate herpes but I won't know until it comes back.

 My major concern is the second photo they are three small discolored dots on the left side of my penis against the shaft.   I only noticed them after shaving they seem slightly raised.

Why wouldn't they be? You just SHAVED your groin! An area that shouldn't be shaved! Probably without shaving cream am I right? I wouldn't be surprised if those raised spots become pussy cavities that contain ingrown hairs........wonder how I would know that.....


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