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White Spots
White Spots  
Dear Sir,

I have had unprotected about 8 months back and 6 months back i noticed a white bump under the head of my penis. It was not painful or irritating me in anyways so i ignored it as a wound which might've happened during intercourse. About 20 days back i again had unprotected sex with the same partner while she was on the last days of her menstrual cycle. Since then i have started noticing many such white bumps crop up on the penis and the penis head. My family doctor has asked me to apply Zincort C cream on these bumps and i have been using it since three days and still these spots are growing. Today i noticed a white layer formed on the tip of my penis which i scratched and tried removing by nail thinking it would be the cream dried up but it doesnt seem to be the cream. I am really scared as to what this maybe. My medical history is 5 months back i had Tuberculosis and having the medicine regularly and one more month to go with those, besides this I also have ankylosying spondylitis but I have been able to keep my self flexible with regular exercises . Attaching a picture i took a few days back of the white bumps for your reference. Please Help & Guide. At

Did your doctor examine you before giving you the medication to put on? If not, please get a checkup and a diagnosis from your physician. Please reconsider having sex because your partner could have a sexually transmitted disease. Let me know what you find out.

Diane W.

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