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QUESTION: Hi, ever since mid February I've been having a reoccuring redness happening throughout my genital region.  It all started happening after I started a workout regime for about 4 days in which I would sit in the sauna for 25 minutes after a high intensity workout daily.  I had a patch of redness at the base of my penis with dry skin and after exercising and going to the sauna for a couple more days I had a rash on the bottom of my scrotum which I assumed was from running.  I stopped working out and going to the sauna for about three weeks though it cleared up within a week.  When I started to work out again the same thing happened again within a couple of days so I stopped the sauna and working out again for about a month.  I just started working out and the sauna again and the same thing is happening except some theres red spot at the base of my penis and red spots around the ring of the tip of my penis.  February is the first time I used a sauna after working out so Im thinking it might be related some how.  I've also been having unprotected sex with one woman since September.  What could it be?


I would hope the two things are things are just coincidental instead of causal, but have you been tested for STI's? You engage in unprotected sex, so its a suggestion. If she hasn't been tested, it might be a great idea to go together! As for another suggestion, I think you might be interested to hear this theory: that rash is actually a fungus. You're exercising=sweat THEN going to the sauna for 25 minutes? You might as well stick yourself in a broiler at Wendy's and hit the High button because that's what you're doing to your body. I never understood why guys did that, but the concept of "sweating out" anything isn't clinically proven to help you lose anything but water weight. However, we can get into that discussion a WHOLE nother time, just email me!

Point proven: you're exposing yourself to lord knows whatever and whoever was in there before you went in the sauna and is in there WITH you. I think they're very unsanitary. So my advice is to make Lotrimin or any other antifungal like clotrimazole or other active ingredient your best friend AFTER you shower from working out. And here's a tip just between you and me....let's just theoretically say you bought some Head and could wash your groin with it....I'm just saying! Works wonders for my jock itch and I mean years.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the quick reply.  Ha yeah, the sauna does seem quite disgusting at times, good for relaxation though.  I was thinking that it was a fungal or yeast infection of course if something unusual happens down there I always assume the worst, herpes or something.  Would herpes cause this kind of retain from exercising and using the sauna?  I just bought some Lotrimin and Head and Shoulders, gonna see how things scope out.  Do you need to cover the entire groin region with the Lotimin to keep the fungus from spreading back or only the noticeable spots? And how long does the fungus take to go away?  

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No, only dab on the spots that have the most irritation. If you coat the whole area, actually slows the healing process. Typically, these can take 1-2 weeks to heal up completely because of the residual effects; especially the itchiness, but the redness, swelling, and rash should go away within 4-5 days hopefully.

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