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Hi I'm Mason, 16 year old male. I contracted, what I believe to be, the Herpes Simplex 1 virus a couple years ago from an infected person's lip balm. I haven't medically confirmed which strain it is, but the cold sores always form at the bottom right corner of my lip, and I have never been sexually active in terms of oral sex and intercourse. Recurrence has happened only twice after primary infection, the latest affecting me as we speak. As I am maturing, I am learning more about STI's and becoming more concerned, especially now that I am reminded of Herpes.

Yesterday, this cold core sprung up on me all of a sudden at the bottom right of my lip. To my knowledge, I had not experienced any of the symptoms that are usually felt prior to the outbreak and therefore I could not have prevented outbreak. About three days ago, I began masturbating once per day and I used my own saliva as a lubricant. Because of the timing of these incidents, I am worried that the cold core may have been developing during the time in which I was masturbating, which would mean my hand could have possibly made contact with the area that is currently infected, and/or my saliva could have been infected, and I inadvertently passed it on to my genitalia.

I'm not sure if it's my OCD currently getting the best of me, but today my genitalia has been slightly itching and I've been feeling slight movements within, which I can't really classify as twitches. I did notice tons of tiny white bumps upon self-examination, but I've come to the conclusion that they are Fordyce spots. I should note that I've been shaving down there everyday, and maybe this could explain the itching (the short, sharp, growing hairs), but I'd love an explanation.

Again, this is not my primary infection. And my mind keeps wondering if I infected my genitalia during that particular infection, but the virus could be asymptomatic. I'm just very worried right now and I'd appreciate your response, as I'm not comfortable with speaking about this to my family.

Hi Mason,

I think you've been spending to much time thinking about this! In case you're wondering, HSV1 is very hard to transmit during recession or NOT during an outbreak, so while saliva may come into contact with a herpes sore, it is very hard A+B+C=genital herpes. Bottom line: if you had a herpes sore on your mouth would you be using saliva as a lubricant? Probably not. So any time else would be a much safer bet and in case you're curious, HSV1 is not the social stigma you are expecting it to be with over 70% of all people having it. So are you in the majority or minority? Herpes isn't something that expresses itself often at regular intervals unless a person has a weakened immune system. I don't even remember the last time I had one and I know I've had cold sores in the past and cold sores are CAUSED by HSV1. SO talk to someone about this, you might not be as alone as you think.

Best wishes,


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