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About 2 months ago I noticed I had a bump / knot on the outer side of my vagina, about 1.5 from the crease of my leg. It looked very much like a B.B. under the skin. Did not hurt, nor was it red in anyway, until I tried to express it, then it just made it sore for a while, but nothing like the soreness that comes with acne. Nothing came out of it so I left it alone. Then the last time I showered, I pulled that area taut, preparing to shave (sorry if that is TMI), out bursts a very thick white substance. Again not typical of acne. It was very thick. So I expressed the rest of it, it was quite a bit that came out, and I stopped when I saw a little blood and no more white stuff was coming out. It was never sore at anytime. Is this something to concerned about....

I really would have a hard time diagnosing from what you are telling me. Are you saying that everything is cleared up now? Normally, I would advise not to try to pop or express anything from a bump or pimple. This can be dangerous. Anyway, let me know what happened. You can email me at

Diane W.

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