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I am a 27 y/o male who practice MSM. No known chronic illnesses or other co-morbidities. Not on any current medication. About 3 days ago I noticed 2 tender ulcers on the base of the glans penis. It was erythematus with a peripheral halo and what appears to be a central clearing with a white pigmentation. The tenderness was not severe however it was mildly noticeable upon showering. There was no associated discharge from the penis. There is right groin lymph node enlargement though that was tender but however is not anymore but the size is still greater than 1cm and palpable. However the node is not noticeable on general inspection. There is a lesion on the upper right thigh that started off as a bump but with a "head" but was accidentally scratched due to minor pruritis (not constant or irritating). However the immediate area around the bump has become raised with some slight erythema. Is this a possible herpes flare up, I don't know that I have herpes. Or some over infection: maybe fungal.

Hi Jerry,

First of all, it sounds like you've been doing a lot of health research, but that shouldn't lead you to self-diagnosis because that's where problems start to occur. While you do have inflammation surrounding your bumps, I wouldn't peg them any more than (bottom picture: an ingrown hair) and (top picture: an abrasion). Do you masturbate or practice unprotected intercourse without using any lubrication? I have this conversation ALL the time with my clients who wonder why the glans, corona, or shaft of their penis looks like its been beaten to death after a healthy self or partnered sexual romp and then come to me asking if its some sort of disease. I'm like no, you did it to yourself! Your penis has some of the most delicate skin located on your body, along with your armpits, and yet people abuse these areas and tend not to cleanse them as often as they should.

Your "bumps" are not herpes as HSV lesions are open wounds that are "crusty" in appearance, with discharge (leakage) and are much larger in appearance than what you have. Plus they stay around a lot longer than 3 days. They stay for like 3 weeks! Also, I have no idea why people tend to think lymph node enlargement tends to show signs of infection as people can be walking around with active HIV infection and not show any symptoms at all. So bottom line, if you've been practicing unsafe sex for longer than 3 weeks and have never been tested-here's your opportunity. Let me know how things go!

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