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QUESTION: First of all, thank you for reading the upcoming text and thank you for anything you might have to say. Now, I am 23 and I lost my virginity in late August 2013 to my new girlfriend. We decided to both get tested before we indulged in any kind of sexual activities and we both came back negative. Over the last however many months are, we only had unprotected sex twice. Now, enough background. The first few times we had sex I actual had friction burns or very small tears due to not using lubricants and my partner being too tight. I used antibacterial cream just for precaution so I don't think it is connected to my current concern. Now for my main concern. A while ago, if I had to estimate I'd say 3 months from my first sexual encounter I noticed red area on my penis head. At first I didn't think of it much because it literally had no effect on me physical or mental. It is just more red than the rest of the head. Now, it still hasn't disappeared and I started to worry and I am really hoping you could steer me in the right direction. I attached few photos I tried to get it as good as possible.

p.s.: Few months back, still don't know how or why, but I woke up with a paper towel on my penis and it had actually been stuck to the penis head and when I got it off it really heart and it got red (the point of impact or where it was stuck is actually where the redness still exists, at least I think so). Could this be the reason if you don't think is something more serious?

ANSWER: Hey Dan,

The redness and inflammation after sex could be lessened by the use of water based lubricant, but you know this because you told me of your shearing burns and tears, so I would get on that! Also, use hydrocortisone, not antibacterial; that doesn't do squat diddly. Hydrocortisone reduces swelling and inflammation and antibacterial is for fighting infection, of which you have none. The paper towel thing is the weirdest thing I've ever heard in my entire life, but it could be possible that you ripped off the skin and its taking awhile to heal back and the skin of your glans and shaft is quite sensitive and complex, so taking time to regrow may be the problem, but a consult with your dermatologist might not be a bad thing either.

Best wishes,


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QUESTION: There is skin on the glans and shaft??? Isn't it just an organ tissue? I guess last question, I know you said it is complex for the skin to regrow, but is there like a vague average number?

P.S.: the tears only happened the first few times until the skin got used to it and been using a water based lube since. Also, thank you for telling me about the difference of the creams and the proper one.


I'm just saying that your story was so "out there" I was trying to offer some sort of respite, but the color changes of your penile tissue are similar to the color changes of the seasons! Just under the penile surface fascia lies a vast network of hollow chambers called the corpus spongeosum that is a very porous material. When you become aroused, it fills with blood and that causes your erection. Conversely, it also causes your penis to become reddened in appearance with the presence of blood and that color change is present most visibly in the glans. However, this is your crotch we're talking about it! You sweat, its dark, dank, and you probably bathe only once a day. Plus its almost summer right? At least here in US I know my junk is on FIRE after a long hard day of sitting in a chair and sweating my @ss off in a building with virtually little air conditioning and the first thing I want to do is go home, strip to my undies and air myself out. So of course everything looks red and inflamed looking; I tell my friends that my penis is essentially a mood ring :) I hope this provides a little more perspective.

Best wishes mate,


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